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Gather Around a Culture- Canada, Antonine University

The Antonine University held its third session from the “Gather Around a Culture” series, to emphasize the importance of interculturality on December 8. During this session, the participants tackled the Canadian culture and were following the dress code of white and red. Furthermore, they discussed the history, geography, music, dance, important figures, etc. of Canada. They also talked about the culinary product “maple syrup” and discussed the maple syrup heist that previously occurred in Canada. The participants were also joined by two guest speakers, who hold the Canadian nationality, and who shared with them their experience, the culture, and the prejudice related to Canada. Furthermore, the participant who gathered the most points in the games got to win the maple syrup. Lastly, the participants signed on the Canadian flag which will be later hung in the UA Tea House.

MED2IaH - was presented and discussed in the international Valeux conference - Tirana, Albania - 30 November 2022

MED2IaH project was presented at the international conference of the CBHE project titled VALEUX.  
Nada Trunk Širca, EMUNI University, Slovenia, and Dorsaf Ben Malek, Virtual University of Tunis, Tunis presented the MED2IaH project with a focus on internationalization at home and the importance of intercultural awareness in formal and informal curricula. It was discussed also the virtual collaborative learning to support internationalization at home. 

1st podcast of students from UVT, 23 November 2022

It is with immense joy and pride that we present the first episode of the podcast prepared by the students of the Virtual University of Tunis with the help and support of the great professor Dorsaf Ben Malek and the technical staff of UVT.
The students, in addition to the already acquired equipment in the UVT studio, also use equipment obtained with the help of EU Commission funds obtained within the framework of the MED2IaH project.
“In fact, the Khaierdine – student invites international and mobility students to the podcast. They talk about their cross-cultural experiences. In the future, students plan to invite embassy representatives to share international opportunities with local students, not only UVT students”.
Watch the podcasts at the link below: LINK

Gather Around a Culture - Slovenia at Antonine University, 19 October 2022

As part of the MED2IaH project, the Antonine University (UA) in Lebanon has launched the Gather Around a Culture monthly series, aiming to raise awareness among UA students about different cultures around the world. During the first session that was held on October 18, the students got to learn more about the Slovenian culture in a fun and effective way. The dress code was red, blue, and white to match with the colors of the flag. They watched and discussed a Brief Documentary about Slovenia’s culture, played a Trivia Game tackling general cultural question, answered Two Truths and a Lie questions related to common prejudice and learned about a Culinary Product (honey) and discussed its history and symbolism. Lastly, the participants signed on the Slovenian flag which will be later hung in the UA Tea House.

The students at the Antonine University are definitely looking forward for the second cultural activity that will happen in November.

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Erasmus Scientific Days 2022, Morocco- 17-18 October 2022

In the framework of Erasmus+ days Morocco, MED2IaH presented prof Dr Nada Trunk, Prof Dr Karim Moustagfir,  Rachid Daoudi and David Dawson.

Fostering Internationalization at Home in Higher Education: The Case of the Moroccan Higher Education System

Trunk, Nada, The Euro-Mediterranean University, Piran – Slovenia

Moustaghfir, Karim, Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Ifrane – Morocco

Daoudi, Rachid, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University, Fez – Morocco

Dawson, David, University of Gloucestershire, UK


In an ever-changing environment, higher education institutions have been facing various challenges. The new economic, political, social, and demographic dynamics, indeed, caused universities to rethink their governance, curriculum, and management structures to cater to the growing needs for differentiating and distinctive skills. Internationalization has been adopted by higher education systems as a response to such challenges and as a strategy to foster global and 21st century skills, while enhancing graduate employability. Given the limitations and the increasing costs associated with “internationalization at a distance”, higher education institutions have also been experimenting with “internationalization at home” strategies that have the potential to offer more inclusive and context-specific global learning opportunities.

This study which was carried out in the framework of the project “MEDiterranean Countries: Towards Internationalisation at Home (MED2IaH)”, a CBHE co-funded project by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, sheds light on the concept and model of internationalization at home. Besides, the study describes the state-of-the-art of internationalization in the higher education system in Morocco, and the strategies that have been developed by these institutions to foster internationalization at home. Eighteen Moroccan higher education institutions, including both public and private universities, participated in this cross-sectional study.

Data was collected using a self-evaluation tool that was developed and communicated in the form of an online questionnaire including both closed- and open-ended questions. The questionnaire covered the five main areas of internationalization at home, namely: internationalization policy/strategy; internationalization in terms of student mobility; internationalization in terms of academic and staff mobility; internationalization in terms of educational programs; and internationalization in terms of research, projects, and events.

The data analysis, discussion, and interpretation showed that Moroccan universities tend to opt for different strategies to fulfill the key requirements of internationalization at home. The study presents and discusses the main findings, while focusing on the emerging challenges for which Moroccan universities still need to prepare and implement more effective actions to ensure better student engagement, employability, and success. In line with the study’s findings, a roadmap to foster a culture of internationalization at home is also discussed, including systemic and sustainable interventions.

Keywords: Internationalization, internationalization at home, higher education, capacity building, 21st century skills, student success, employability

Reference: Beelen, J., & Leask, B. (2011). Internationalisation at Home on the move. Internationalisation of higher education. Jos Beelen. Betty Leask.

Erasmus days 2022, Internationalisation at home and med2iah friends teahouses, 14 October 2022

During the Erasmus days, joint us on the following link LINK and you can see the presentation of the MED2IaH project and involvement of the students (Boot camp in Slovenia, June 2022, the best videos).

Invitation to Erasmus Days' event | Inclusion of the Project Activities in Education and Research, and Community Involvement of the HEI: Case of ISSBS, 14 October 2022

nternational School for Social and Business Studies offers high-quality, internationally-oriented study programs. The faculty also conducts research and development projects, and with it improving the quality of HE through mobility and cross-border cooperation. The students of ISSBS are involved in the projects since the projects are connected to the ISSBS curriculum. ISSBS’ projects that will be presented within the event: RespectNET, UnInLeCo, LittleBigEntrepreneurs, MUST, InterAct, PRUDMET, VALEU-X, iHiLEAD, Care4You, RE-CREW, COWEB, MED2IaH. 

Study visit at UCAM, 3-5 October 2022

The European project MED2IAH makes a study visit to UCAM Murcia campus to train university staff from Slovakia, France, Italy, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia.

The Catholic University of Murcia hosts 20 participants of the MED2IaH project for a study visit. The Capacity Building KA2, co-financed by the European Commission, focuses on training universities in Mediterranean countries on internationalization issues. For this reason, 4 mobilities have been carried out to the different European partners of the project to be able to observe the work methodology of the International Relations Offices, the European Project Offices and the mobilities between students in European countries.

UCAM started this project as a partner in 2020, in which it is actively participating together with universities from Slovakia, France, Italy, Morocco, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Tunisia. After almost 3 years, it is the turn of the Catholic to make the last visit to universities of the project. During the sessions, the partners learned about the effective workflow of the International Relations and European Projects Offices. Once trained, they will return to their countries to try to implement these systems in their universities.

Cooperation of MED2IaH partners institutions, 28 September 2022

Congrats to  our partner Al Akhwayn University from Morocco. MORHEL Project CBHE- Stand 3  has successfully received a favorable evaluation and was approved for funding by the EU (Erasmus+ CBHE). Together with Al Akhawayn, who is the project coordinator, UEMF, Fes and EMUNI, Slovenia are also part of the new project.

MED2IaH Project Holds Key Events, 16 September 2022

The MEDiterranean countries: Towards Internationalisation at Home  project consortium held 2 key events this month in Fes, Morocco within the context of EMUNI University’s Annual Conference.

MED2IaH is primarily designed to have an impact at system level and trigger reform processes at national level in Mediterranean Partner Countries (PC). By developing policies that adequately address real problems at institutional level in each PC, MED2IaH will ultimately benefit the whole HE sector.

From 15-16 September, the MED2IaH project meeting saw all partners discuss MED2IaH progress.  On 16 September, the Moroccan partners organised the MED2IaH national conference for Morocco, which was the 3rd panel of the EMUNI Annual Conference. 

The events also facilitated the signing of an agreement of cooperation between Philadelphia University, Jordan, and Pegaso Online University, Italy, both of whom are in the MED2IaH consortium and members of the EMUNI network inner circle.

Prof. DR  Luigia Melillo Direttore Centro Euromediterraneo di Unipegaso

Prof. Dr Nada Trunk, Coordinator of MED2IaH, EMUNI 


Erasmus Impact day organzied by NEO in Rabat, Morocco in June 28, 2022

Rachid Daoudi presented the acquired knowledge and experience from the MED2IaH project, on the ERasmus Impact day organized by NEO Morocco. Erasmus National impact Day- 28juin22-Programme-VF3

Student Boot camp and event ‘Taste of Mediterranean’, 13 June 2022

The Student Boot Camp is held at the Euro Mediterranean University (EMUNI) in Piran, Slovenia, between 6 and 17 June 2022. Boot camp gathers students from South-Mediterranean partner universities who are the authors of the best digital stories on the topic of interculturalism. During the 2-week stay in Piran, students attend seven modules in interculturalism, innovation and creativity, leadership, art and event management and participation. At the same time, students participate in the preparation of strategic documents on the internationalisation of home universities. During the Boot Camp, different activities are organised to promote and support intercultural learning. 

The event ‘Taste of the Mediterranean’ was held on Monday, 13 June, as part of Boot Camp to promote the rich cultural diversity of the South-Mediterranean countries. Thirty students and teachers from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan presented their country through food, customs, traditional music and objects.

The Student Boot Camp will end on Thursday, 16 June, with an exhibition of students’ art products and a presentation of the best photographs and short videos created during their stay in Slovenia.

The student boot camp was attended by 34 students from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan. Twenty teachers from MED2IaH partner universities lectured in the Boot Camp; most lecturers were present in Piran, and some lectured via zoom environment.

External evaluator QA, May 2022

Visit of Med2IaH partners in Beirut

The activities of the MED2IaH project also include regular communications with MED2Iah partners, EMUNI Prof. Dr Nada Trunk visited all Med2Iah partners in Beirut, Lebanon: Lebanese International University and Antonine University.

The national project coordinator Dr Anwar Kawtharani Director of Office of International Relations-LIU and Melissa Kandil hosted Prof. Trunk on the premises of their university, the pleasant meeting was joined by Ms. Yasmine Al Gharib from Erasmus+ office.

At the meeting with NEO Lebanon, Prof. Nada Trunk discussed the organization of the National Conference in Lebanon, and the support that can be given by the NEO agency. There was a lot of talk about new project ideas for new Capacity building projects.

At Antonine University she attended the opening celebration of the second edition of “Wellness and Mental Health Week” where she had the time to visit the university campus. During the working lunch she exchanged ideas with the Rector Fr. Michel Jalakh and Ms Odile Fegali from the project office.

The Antonine University delegation visit EMUNI

Between 28 February and 4 March, EMUNI welcomed the Antonine University delegation’s visit in the framework of Erasmus+ Mobility Exchanges. President Dr Abdelhamid El-Zoheiry and EMUNI’s Head of Academic Affairs, Dr Jerneja Penca welcomed Dr Rony Darazi and Dr Michel Jalakh, rector of the Lebanese institution.


MED2IaH virtual training on digital story telling, 3 March 2022

On 3 of March 2022, EMUNI organized a virtual training on digital story telling.
Attended by 40 participants, mostly students, whom we wanted to encourage to participate in the LINK competition.

MED2IaH News, January 2022

INTERCULTURAL DIGITAL STORYTELING CONTEST-  MED2IaH call extended to students from the HEI in the countries involved in MED2IaH project and to HEI of EMUNI network

Digital Storytelling Contest on Intercultural and International Topics

For more information check the following links: 

LIU – School of Education


National Info Day – Morocco, 9 November 2022

EMUNI participated with Moroccan partners from MED2IaH at Erasmus National Info Day, 9.11. 2021. Nada Trunk and Karim Moustaghfir participated in the panel “International relations offices”: Strategy, organization, tools and competences – European and Moroccan experiences  and presented and discussed some evidences from the Erasmus project “MED2IAH” about internationalization strategies. At the conference were app 100 participants from Moroccan HEI and research institutes.


Erasmus National Info Day_programme

Erasmus days 2021, 14 October 2022

Euro-Mediterranean countries – the cultural diversity and student cooperation challenges  

Europe and the Mediterranean countries are bound by history, geography and culture. In this session we’ll discuss the opportunities of internationalization, especial student mobility in all directions, and the impact of COVID-19. We will present some good practices of virtual mobilities and cultural dimension in curricular and extra-curricular activities that we developed in the project MED2IaH.

When: Oct 14, 2021 02:00 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

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